May 17, 2017

The Crowd Is Hiding In The Bushes [#275}

Hi Crowd!

Follow up on the last note, I asked you all if I should keep the delivery of these emails random or try to conform to some schedule and a LOT of you replied unanimously voting for random, so that’s settled.


It’s been awhile since I did any music stuff in public so I put out a short EP under my synthy alter ego DELAY 5000 called Proof of Life that you can grab now if you want. It’s also on soundcloud if you just want to listen. It’s just 2 tracks built around the Buchla Music Easel, one with a lot of tape loops and the other with a lot of random voltages.


I also put up some new merch on my photo store, specifically I thought it would be cool to make lapel pins that looked like the shutter speed dial on a Leica M6, so those exist now. Speaking of photos, I’m waiting on one final revision on the hardback copy of the book, which I should have a proof of tomorrow, and if so I’ll place the order for all the kickstarter copies of that and put the softbacks up on Amazon. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to put up a preorder with these print on demand books, so I can’t point you there until it’s live. Stay tuned.


At Safecast, we’ve been monitoring the situation at Hanford which if you didn’t know is the largest nuclear waste dump in the US. Amazingly we actually have data from inside the property from several years ago, which, if we could get back in and remeasure would be a wonderful baseline. We hope to be able to deploy some sensors around the site in the very near future as well.


I’d love to talk about politics or the news or something but holy boooooring, nothing is going on at all. It’s like, sleepiest administration ever. Remember back in the day when something in Washington would make it’s way to the newsrooms? You have to wonder if the news agencies are considering just shutting down their DC offices now because there is just nothing happening anywhere. Zzzzzzzz. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes something newsworthy happens, I trust Seth will let us know if it does.


Back in 1674 there was a coffee revolt tho, and, this is fun - Senate staffers’ ID cards have photo of smart chip, no actual security. Speaking of fake stuff, here’s to taking down the myth of Buddhism as a peaceful religion. And speaking of things that you might not even realize, architecture can improve our sex lives. I don’t know if art will improve your sex life or not, but the Guggenheim just put up over 200 art books for free download so give it a shot and report back.

I guess the fact that this is happening in Florida should be explanation enough, but still. Speaking of crazy stories, this confessional about a family that owned a slave here in the US in modern times is full of wow. To balance that out with awesome wow, science was able to save a novel written by blind woman with a pen that had run out of ink.


If you have kids and your parents give you shit about how they look after their grandchildren, you now have evidence to show that your concerns are totally justified. Grandparents don’t know what they are doing, and you survived your childhood by chance alone. Speaking of not knowing what they are doing, here’s a map showing all the places that adult Americans think might be North Korea.


For more science, here’s Alice & Rebecca’s brand new super detailed report on media and disinformation online, and Molly’s piece on internet conspiracy culture is totally worth reading, as is Bonnie’s article about female robots in scifi. Everything you think you know about gangs in the US is probably wrong.


Filed under things you don’t know but you probably should know just in case, here’s what you need to know if the FBI approaches you to be an informant. Speaking of law enforcement, did you know that 3 out of 5 people in jail are not convicted of any crime but are simply too poor to post bail for release.




That’s all for now. AMA and I’ll post some answers in the next note.