March 07, 2017

The Crowd Is Prickly Today [#269]

Hi Crowd!

I don’t want to overstate the importance of anything or seem boastful, but if you were at all paying attention to punk music in the late 80’s and early 90’s chances are you either heard, heard about, or heard someone influenced by Saturday Night Massacre. 25 years later we’re letting the cat out of the bag and releasing some new songs. It’s wonderful because we played a lot of shows (like this one with The Dead Milk Men in ‘91) and people still remember them, which says something I think. These are available for ONE WEEK ONLY so if that’s your thing, or you just want to support, don’t sleep. Tell your friends, they will thank you.


Speaking of music, there’s also new stuff from At The Drive-In which you may want to go listen to right away. Though it’s fucking streaming only which is such a massive piece of shit move. Let me buy it already FFS. And here’s an excellent history of anti-fascist punk. And if you like music at all you should join the family.


If you aren’t watching The Expanse you are part of the problem. Speaking of problems, American’s are having much less sex than they used, and paired-off American’s are really lacking. This is a goddamn shame and speaking as a paired-off American we owe it to ourselves and to each other to work together on this issue and put an end to the suffering. That said, please do not get this sex-fitbit-condom thing because jesus fucking christ people what the hell is wrong with you? Just stop already ok? Stop. Here’s a thread of cartoons we all grew up with and didn’t even see all the sex jokes being shoved in our faces. Also, these new extra invasive TSA airport pat downs do not count.


Speaking of invasive, the best advice I’ve seen recently on keeping your messages secure was just published by Teen Vogue. And the question everyone should be asking isn’t “why is Teen Vogue kicking so much ass here” but rather “why isn’t every other publication doing the same?” Gizmodo has a little primer on how to lock down your mobile devices, and c|net offers advice to prevent your smartTV from spying on you though two incredibly huge caveats to those are that 1) all of this assumes you can trust the os or carrier or company to honor your wishes and not just keep logging/leaking your data anyway, or that  2) your device hasn’t been compromised already. Important to remember that *very few* people need to worry about that, but it’s something everyone should be aware of. And since Wikileaks just posted today that the CIA has many tools at it’s disposal to defeat these measures, and weaknesses that were paid for to be baked in, chances are they aren’t the only ones who can get into your stuff. So again, taxpayer money was spent to make us less safe. And this gets scary because apparently they can take over your car too. Of course these are the facts and we all know how little facts matter anymore.


Here’s a great thread on wiretaps btw.


Today’s lesson: There is a big difference between fake news and misinformation, the goal of the later isn’t to have people believe the wrong thing, but to confuse the conversation so much that no one knows what to believe. If you’ve seen the excellent doc HyperNormalization then you know this tactic was used heavily in Russia in the early 2000’s to great success. If you haven’t seen that doc yet, you need to right away. Related, humans are really good at jumping to incorrect conclusions.


In a completely brilliant move that I don’t know why we all didn’t think of years ago, a Norwegian site now makes readers take a test proving they read the article before they can post a comment on it.


This Chrome plugin will help you get out of things easily.


Warren’s current travel kit - go buy all of it. Myself I’m finding Outlier stuff to be perfect for travel wear.


Unsurprisingly, the more religiously diverse a place is, the less religious the people there tend to be. This makes sense because when you are insulated and told that your beliefs are the only true ones and everyone else is wrong and everyone around you believes the same thing then it’s easy to fall for that, but when you see lots of other people around all with their own beliefs then you realize quickly how arbitrary and silly the whole thing is. Which is exactly why devoutly religious people are so terrified of people with differing beliefs, because they know it’s impossible to be skeptical of someone else without that reflecting on you as well. And while America is slowly getting less and less religious, I still don’t think this UK based Harry Potter style school of witchcraft would fly here at all. Even today with the rise of Catholic offshoot Santa Muerte cult, the fake new media is happy to do no research at all and just call everything they don’t understand Satanic.


That’s all for today kids. Get back to work.




PS - Anyone want to bet how many unsubscribes this one gets me? I'll start - 26.