June 18, 2017

The Crowd learns things and wears things [#277]

Hi Crowd!


I live next to the LA River and often walk along it listening to it and thinking about how the sounds could play into other things. I recently went and recorded a lot of it and made a new ambient track based on those recordings. I really like it, and may do another one or two with more of the field recordings that didn’t make it into this one. I’ve also been really digging these ambient sounds from Blade Runner and wondering if/how I might weave them into something...


My Tokyo photobook is finally up on Amazon for anyone that wanted a copy and didn’t get one off kickstarter. It could use some reviews (not that I’m suggesting you all go give it 5 starts or anything). I know some people aren’t Amazon users, so there are a few other options to get one as well, and I set up streetphotos.tokyo as kind of the hub for that. Check it out if you are so inclined.


Some things I learned since the last letter: What ever happened to the Warzone Women? The hatpin panic was bad ass. The earth has a manmade space weather shield. Conspiracy theories help people who feel politically disempowered respond to a perceived loss of control. There’s rehab for watching too much YouTube. More reasons not to use your iPhone in bed at night, not the least of which is that it will ruin your relationship. How to tell if you are a psychopath or just a bad person and if you are having as much sex as everyone else. If you want to learn about CRISPR this video is the way to do it. I thought I knew everyone about xenomorphs, I was wrong.


I loved Ludacris reading Llama Llama Red Pajama and I’m actually offended that some cop gave a guy a ticket for driving his Delorean 88MPH. Are you Dutch? Born from a sperm donor? That’s actionable! You can now sue for having to exist! There’s more evidence that really smart people underestimate their abilities while idiots think they have it all figured out. Speaking of idiots, 16 million Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.


I’ve mentioned it before but it’s very real now, I’m moving with my family to Japan. For me it’s mostly to spend more focused time with my team on Safecast, but the fact that there is one vending machine for every 25 people there is a big plus, and soon there will be a Totoro theme park. And it will be nice to not be surrounded by people with poopy butts.


Speaking of poopy butts, holy shit James Joyce was a perv. No judgements of course, I just wasn’t prepared for what I read in those letters. Wow. It’s also interesting to think that people aren’t really any perv-y-er now than they were 100 years ago, if anything they are less since preferring VR porn to IRL sex is now an official sexual orientation.


Speaking of travel, if you aren’t from the US but for some reason want to visit, CBP now wants to see your last 5 years worth of social media usage. I deleted 100,000 tweets and have a script running that deletes tweets once they are 30 days old, but I’m considering going 100% Blinky, or maybe only post in Burgess Slang.


Unrelated to everything these these maps of Choose Your Own Adventure stories are amazing, I kinda want a tattoo of one.


If you don’t care about men’s clothes skip this next part, sorry I don’t have personal experienve with women’s wear - A lot of people expressed interest in my personal uniform talk from the last letter so I thought I’d give a little follow up. I’m really enjoying the bamboo t-shirts that I bought. They are light and cool to the touch all day long, and wick sweat almost as well as wool, and are way better than cotton which just gets soaking wet and gross if you are sweating or in any level of humidity. Bamboo is also antimicrobial so they don’t stink. I bought several more of the shirts and donated all my old cotton T’s. I will say that in my personal experience the bamboo takes a little longer to hang dry than cotton does after a wash, but if you towel dry it a little first it’s just as good. If you really want to blow a ton of cash on the best option, it’s wool or nothing but wool comes with a lot of ethical issues so if you decide you need to go that route please make sure to get something like these Outlier wool t-shirts that are non-mulesed, farm traceable, etc. I haven’t put this to the test yet, but with a cotton t-shirt you can wear it once before needing to wash it, wool t-shirts are supposed to be good for 4-5 days of wearing before you need to wash, bamboo is somewhere in the middle there. I’m really curious about Ramilust, but it’s really expensive and no black available so I haven’t tried it yet.


Diving even deeper, for years I’ve been a vocal advocate of ExOfficio underwear, they were super comfortable, very durable and couldn’t be beat for travel as you can wash in a sink and hang dry in an hour or two, meaning you can easily do a multiweek trip with only 2-3 pair. I’ve worn them exclusively for 10 years, but unfortunately the last several pair I’ve bought have taken a downturn in quality. The waistbands are thinner and weaker, leading to to rolling and losing elasticity much quicker. The fabric has somehow changed and now pills up in ways it didn’t used to. It’s been a bummer. After my excitement with the bamboo t-shirts I found these Bamboo boxer briefs that I picked up and have so far really enjoyed. I haven’t traveled with them yet, but good reviews from me otherwise. I would be leary of some of the wool boxer options out there because they are pricey, questionably sourced and apparently fall apart really quickly. Pants wise, I’m basically wearing Outlier slim dungarees 24/7 now.


That's all from me today. Hope you are well.