May 27, 2017

The Crowd Wicks Moisture! [#276]

Hi Crowd!

Welcome to all you new people and old people and new people who are old. If you are curious I named this newsletter after this classic song by Operation Ivy and every time I send one out a bunch of people who subscribed for some reason come to their senses and unsubscribe, maybe they were drunk. My scope of coverage here is “whatever I found interesting recently” which can be quite a rollercoaster sometimes, so if you continue to hang around, get ready for that.


I did a radio/podcast interview about Safecast with Ugo from the Restart Project which was a lot of fun, you can listen to it here. I’m back from Vancouver now and in full on “get ready to move to Japan” mode, which means mostly walking around in circles trying to find the thing I just had a moment ago that I needed for something but I forgot what.


For the last 10 years at least my staple t-shirt has been plain black 100% cotton by American Apparel. I like the cut, the tight neck and when new look and feel great. I buy them 10 at a time and replace them every other year or so. Tokyo is a lot more humid than LA, and if I’ve learned anything in the last 10 years it’s that hot and humid and cotton are are kind of shitty combo, so I’ve been looking around for new option. I heard good things about this mostly bamboo t-shirts and bought a few to try out. They feel super cool and wick moisture better than cotton, so I’ll test them out in the heat and report back, but so far I’m really digging them. I used to spend a lot of time talking about my person uniform habits but started to feel like a broken record so I stopped, but if anyone is interested I can give a current update.


Also, I got a copy of Colin’s book about coffeeshops and it’s lovely, and he says way too nice things about me in it.


Keybase has a new app & browser based end to end encrypted chat thing which is interesting, and 1Password’s new Travel Mode is kind of brilliant. Totally unrelated, you may be undervaluing the usefulness of Nokia brick phones.


I would have never imagined enjoying a book about obesity so much, but this book is fascinating and begs the question why so much misinformation is so common. What’s great about this book, besides being written in a very readable way, is that each “accepted wisdom” that the author rips to shreds is cited and backed up with endless documentation and studies. I really don’t understand how in 2017 anyone is even talking about calories with all of this research out there.


Anne wrote a beautiful story about going to the Wonder Woman premier.


Way more American’s are atheists than anyone previously suspected, and POTUS is still not a Satanist. Apparently a scientist just proved ESP is real? Wait, what? Between that and NASA’s EmDrive, Science sure has some explaining to do. And living in the moment may be harder than we thought. And what about tarot as therapy? And what about extraterrestrial life, what if it’s a microorganism? We’ve got some big ethical questions facing us in the near future.


"If you don’t document your existence and the magnificence of your beauty in this world, no one else will."


Times are tough, it’s hard out there these days for Yakuza, roommates of an ex-neo-nazi turned muslim, porn stars and people with electronics thanks to TSA “trying some new stuff out”. Speaking of porn stars, this long read about the experience of making porn is wow.  Why the female villains on The Handmaid’s Tale are so terrifying. Annie Lebovitz’s new Star Wars photos are kind of breathtaking. Totally related, Alina Osward’s takes photos of people’s faces when they orgasm. These are SFW, though maybe better in concept than in execution. I think Clayton’s Hysterical Literature is still the apex of this kind of thing, by which all others should be judged.


I made a note of something else I wanted to talk to you about but it was in a notebook I can’t find now so it’ll have to wait until next time.





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