December 01, 2014

She Needed To Know #8

A month of interesting discoveries...

This week a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio - one of only 230 in existence -  was found in a French library. It is believed that the book was brought to France by the Jesuit order before being confiscated after the French Revolution and placed in the Saint Omar public library where it has lain undisturbed for some 200 years.

An eagle-eyed art historian has re-discovered a long-lost Hungarian avant-garde painting while watching the movie 'Stuart Little' with his kids.

Closer to home I loved this story about the re-discovery of the Verey Collection an intriguing collection of glass negatives taken by Castlemaine photographer Adolphus Verey between 1883-1954. You can see more of the 13,000 strong Verey Collection here.

It's been a great couple of weeks for archaeological discoveries too with a beautiful Roman glass plate found in a 5th century AD Japanese tomb, this stunning glass mosaic uncovered at the ancient Greek city of Zeugma in modern day Turkey, and an entire underwater city off the Greek island of Delos.

This week also marks the 40th anniversary of Donald Johanson's discovery of my very favourite fossil, Lucy, the little woman who changed the way we think about human evolution.

How about you? Have you heard about any interesting discoveries lately?

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