October 14, 2016

Five Song Fridays: Road Songs

Five songs for this Friday, chosen by the band Rituals of Mine (formerly known as Sister Crayon). They just wrapped up a tour with The Album Leaf, and are about to head out with Tricky, so the theme of their playlist is Road Songs.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify or YouTube. Some thoughts from the band below.

Rituals of Mine - Ride or Die
"This track is our first single off our forthcoming record. It's a track that we play every night on stage and it's a feel good anthem. Produced by Wes Jones, we incorporated a lot of Moog on this track, a lot of hours were spent getting really particular about the different tones and drum samples we were going to use. There are a couple of versions of this track but we ended up choosing this one."

Warpaint - Whiteout
"These ladies just put out a new record and this track has been playing nonstop in the van. The bass and guitar lines are so hypnotic. Their entire record is so damn good but this track has me at the moment."

Massive Attack - Dead Editors
"This track is a go to on the road when we need to get pumped up. They also just came out with their Phantom app which makes the experience of listening to this track even more surreal. What more can I say? Living legends - I think this track is brilliant."

Björk - Crystalline  
"I just bought two tickets to Iceland while on tour (in a hotel room in NYC). It's a trip that I've wanted to plan for my entire life and just bought the tickets after we had a great show in NY so I've been listening to Bjork - who is one of my all time influences. This track in particular gets my pretty hyped - the drum & bass at the end is undeniable and the chorus hook makes me smile every time."

Sampha - Blood On Me
"I'm blown away by this track. Brilliant vocal production, delivery, and overall mood and tone. They captured something so special on this track that I feel is not easy to do in electronic music. Who doesn't love Sampha's voice, I mean really? This song is what I listen to right before we head on stage."

[ Go see Rituals of Mine on tour. ]

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