August 05, 2016

Five Song Fridays: Runaround


This week's mixtape comes from Helado Negro (aka Roberto Lange), because I love his new song, Runaround. I also love this live performance on KEXP from 2014, around the time I saw him on tour opening for his labelmate Sufjan Stevens.

Listen to his playlist on Spotify or YouTube.

Check out the tracklist below, along with some thoughts from Roberto.

Helado Negro - Runaround
The song Runaround was written in November 2014, around the time when we all found out that no police officers would be charged in the Michael Brown murder case. The song is inspired by the words of a robot in a Isaac Asimov short story. It’s about a robot that struggles with contradicting ideas that effect its normal operation. The robot finds itself in conflict with its internal rules: 1) Obey orders 2) Don’t hurt yourself. The robot eventually gets fixed by an engineer but for that brief moment, it’s stuck. This line from the story describes the feeling of trying to find meaning and understanding in our troubled world: “No love can cut our knife in two.” I think the “knife" is us; me, my own hardened self with love within. It's made of the strongest, sharpest love combined with a soft love, maybe a selfish, rootless love which could never cut my knife in two.

Zazou/Bikaye/Cy1 - Lamuka
This is music from 1983. The 80’s is so rich with wonderful music that synthesizes voices, electronics and acoustic instruments. I have no idea what the lyrics are saying. Someone tell me. 

Lucretia Dalt - Levedad
I'm a big admirer of Lucretia’s work, this song in particular is so fragile but pulls you like your riding on the back of a spider thats crawling along the notes and  sound pulses this song emits. 

Caetano Veloso - Um Sonho
I got to see Caetano perform this year for the first time and it was a treasure. He constantly fills my mind with patience and inspiration. This song is another way he has consistently been consistent in making small evolutions of his work.

Jerry Paper - Real. Now. Love.
Jerry Paper is an inter-dimensional being that we are lucky enough to experience. Thanks for visiting us Jerry.

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