May 09, 2017

Nik Peachey's Edtech & ELT Newsletter - 9th May 2017

Hello and welcome to the first May edition of my Edtech & ELT Newsletter.
In this newsletter I have the usual round up of free tools, interesting articles and links to educational game related sites and apps.
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1. Free tools and apps
Here are some of my favourite new free tools and resources from over the last couple of weeks.

Pronounce Live - Free trial
This is a web application for pronunciation practice. You can listen to authentic speech models read any text or words, record your own voice for comparison and receive immediate feedback. Perfect your pronunciation and practice for life!
Click image to see video
8 YouTube Tools to Help Learn English
This is an article with a collection of 8 different free tools that vary from  tools to help learners with pronunciation to tools to help teachers create online courses, share videos safely or download audio or image from videos on YouTube. There are some really useful tools there so be sure to check it out.
Comics English 
This is great teaching material for students. Each of the short cartoon scripts has an interactive comprehension check questions as well as some vocabulary explanations. These are great to use in class or online as warmers or discussion prompts.
Grammarman Comics
This is the online home of Verbo City's most super hero. You'll find all kinds of comics and ideas for teaching and learning English. The content is great and has audio to go with the comic strips as well as video version of each comic so that you can choose which skill you work on with your students. Here’s a good example to check out:
This is a much more serious resource that can help anyone who is doing research or teaching EAP. RefSeek searches more than one billion documents, including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers. Here’s a quick search I did on ‘Lexical Approach’:
This is a great site if you want to do video making projects with your students. There are lots of free resources that students can use in their video projects as well as tools to help them structure the projects. I particularly like the storyboard maker, which is a useful activity in itself:
Beautiful Audio Editor
I wouldn’t really describe this as beautiful bit it is really useful. It’s a great tool for you or your students to use for recording audio. You can use it to create listening activities or students can use it to record their speaking. It works in the browser and it’s easy to download the recordings.
This is a great resource if you want to start apply Sugata Mitra’s SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environments) approach. There is a search engine of SOLE type questions and if you register you can create and share lesson plans around them.

2. News & Articles
So now here are some of the recent articles from:
How to crowd-fund and self-publish an e-book
This is the first of a series of articles that I’m writing for the British Council. The first one looks ta the crowd funding process and how you can raise the money you need to write your ebook. Other will look at the writing process, how to create the ebook, how to get it on the market and the all important issue of how to get people to buy it.
Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching
This is a great free ebook from the British Council and edited by Gary Motteram. "Each chapter embeds a number of real-life case studies into a framework of research. The chapters show some of the development of the field, and a wide range of technologies is covered.” I hope I find the time to read it soon.
10 Tips for Making Self-Evaluations Meaningful
This article comes at the issue of reflection from a business / human resources perspective but the suggestions it gives are very relevant for teacher development and for the development of our students, so well worth a read.
The Age of Notifications and Attention-Deficits
This is an interesting look at how we and our students are using our smart phones (or how they are using us). This is well worth a read if you want to understand the issue of attention and how to deal with it.
Keeping Up with… Digital Pedagogy
This is a quick and simple introduction to ‘digital pedagogy’ and the way digital tools and resources ‘should’ be impacting our teaching and students’ learning.
Digital Skills
This site goes into a bit more detail and attempts to define the full range of digital skills. There’s also a really nice interactive skills map at: which give more details and explanations of the various skills.
Infographics in Education: What, Why & How
This is a nice short article on infographics and a kind of case study of how one teacher used an infographic in their classroom.
3. Games & gamification
TYTO Online 
This is an amazing immersive 3D game in which students learn how to protect and preserve an alien environment. This is a great way to get students learning through experimentation. This is still in the early stages of development so worth getting into early.
Swift Playgrounds
This is a great iPad app that helps students learn the Apple coding language for creating apps. They learn by interacting with and solving problems in a game like environment. Could also be good for teachers who want to learn how to create apps.
Virtual World Sandbox
The Virtual World (VW) Sandbox is the perfect tool for anyone creating a game or simulation. Offering a library of professional grade, highly-functional 3D assets, it is 100% open source, and built on HTML5. Best of all, it’s free and cloud-based, which means no installations are required and it can be deployed quickly.
As ever, please also check out my publications on the iBooks Store at:  and on PayHip: Many of these are free, but the paid ones do help me to support much of the free work I do including this newsletter.
Best wishes
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