May 05, 2015

Technically Speaking - May 5, 2015

¡Hola! from Santiago where Cate continues to mangle the Spanish language… slightly less than previously!

Yes - we now have a website and an awesome domain -

We started Technically Speaking with the goal of getting different people to speak more. So to celebrate six months, we have a competition which is all about encouraging y’all to share more about speaking. We want to hear your stories!

First - the prizes. We have conference tickets to give away! (Admission only, no travel stipend)

We also have digital prizes!

To enter! We’re asking you to share your experiences.

  • Tweet about the newsletter or a share a speaking tip - make sure you include  @techspeakdigest - (1 point)
  • Write a testimonial about Technically Speaking for our new website - (2 points)
  • Write a blog post relating to public speaking, e.g. share how you prepared for your last talk, or a recap of things you learned - (4 points)

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We won’t ask you to do anything we won’t do ourselves so we are also challenging ourselves to blog about speaking every week in May. This week: Chiu-Ki gave tips on writing about speaking [read it] (then write a blog post to enter the giveaway!), and Cate reviewed Confessions of a Public Speaker [read it].

All our prizes are donated so many, many thanks to the author's, conference organizers and O’Reilly.

Call for Proposals

Midwest UX
Event date: Oct 1 - 3, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Submission deadline: June 15, 2015
Travel expenses covered:
Will provide a stipend subject to sponsorship. Free ticket to accepted speakers. 50/50 split for workshop leaders.
From @jackmoffett: You could feel that something important was happening. It wasn’t just another design conference. There was a down-to-earth, do-it-yourself energy about it. It felt like a tight-knit community in which everyone had a lot in common.

DroidCon Stockholm
Event date: Sep 3 - 4, 2015
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Submission deadline: Early July
Travel expenses covered: The organisers will aim at covering the travel expenses for international speakers as far as possible. Make sure you tell the organisers about the need for covering expenses so they can plan accordingly.
From @corey_latislaw: I enjoyed the DroidCon Stockholm experience. It was a one track conference with varied topics. It was intimate, warm, and welcoming. Highly suggested! Check out my event report for more details.

Link Roundup

@will_stephen demonstrates the meaning of the phrase “Style over Substance” in this short TED talk [watch it]. He talks about nothing… but with such panache and showmanship!

@femgineer shared some insight into how to decide what to speak about and 5 questions you can ask yourself about of a project you completed 6-12 months ago to help you find something to say [read it].

We are both amused and in awe of how clear @HelenRazer is about not working for free [read it]. “Do. Not. Ask. Me. To. Work. For. No. Payment.”

If you’re trying to add diversity to your conference @radiomorillo lays it down as to why you need to consider beyond the usual suspects, and how many of us could stand to pass the mic [read it].

Sadly we have to bring up Code of Conducts again because this week Cate pulled out of a conference because she couldn’t agree on code of conduct wording with the organizer. We would like not to need to have this conversation anymore, but apparently, and disappointingly, we are not there yet. Once again, we only speak at, and share conferences in Technically Speaking that have a code of conduct. We recommend that conferences stick to standard wording, which you can find here, and @ashedryden’s Code of Conduct FAQ is an excellent resource [read it].


We know that stories are powerful, watch @AmyCEdmondson open her talk with a masterful use of stories. Notice how she opens with three different stories, leaves them all on a cliffhanger, and then ties them all together and revisits them throughout her talk [watch it].

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