November 04, 2014

Technically Speaking - Nov 4th 2014


Hi from Malmo, Sweden!


We are both speaking at Oredev this week. We were going to calm our last minute nerves with powerposes, but the organizers took speakers on a trip to the spa so now we’re all relaxed!


Call for Proposals


OpenVis Conf 2015

Event date: April 6th & 7th of 2015

Location: Boston, MA

Submission deadline: November 17th, 2014

Travel expenses covered: Yes


Link Roundup


If you’re way ahead of the game preparing for next year, @triketora wrote a Quora post with some good tips on submitting panels to @ghc [read it]. Key insight: make sure all your panelists are from different companies (yes this is harder! But worth it!)


Need to write a bio and don’t know where to start? Try this (2013) post from @berkun. [read it]. Top tip: the best bios are short!


Think you’ve mastered the slide deck because you read Presentation Zen (Amazon)? @dontgetcaught explains “Why “but all my slides are pictures” isn’t a smart public speaking strategy” [read it]. Answer this question: Are you using your slides as cue cards?


Cate experimented live-tweeting her own talk recently, and of course she blogged about it. [read it]. If you’re considering this, make sure your phone is on DND mode! It’s distracting enough without getting notifications.




Famous Speech Friday is a favourite feature of a great blog on women and public speaking - The Eloquent Woman. This speech, by Miep Gies, and it’s deconstruction is amazing. [read it]. Gies started speaking in her 80s, telling the story of Anne Frank whose family she had hidden from the Nazis. This quote will make you tear up: “I'm grateful that I could save Anne's diary. When I found it, scattered all over the floor, I stole it. I decided to store it away in order to give it back to Anne when I should, when she should return. I wanted to see her smile, receiving the diary.“


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