April 25, 2016

The Audio Signal #52 (dream if you can a courtyard)

Welcome to the Audio Signal by Dana Gerber-Margie, a weekly audio digest for the curious.
I am an audio archivist, which means I organize, preserve, digitize, and manage sound recordings for a large historical institution. I listen to a lot of archival material, podcasts, radio shows, and audiobooks, and then curate it all for you into this little thing.
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My cats are so cute. The neighborhood kids must agree, because they are currently participating in a chorus of meows.
Scheduling note: There will be no issue next Sunday, the 1st. You can blame the Midwest Archives Conference. ;)
Let’s get to it:
(Season 1, Episode 1) Hypothesis
28 minutes
Trying to catch up to all of the great audio fiction out there! I’ve only listened to the first episode but I’m eager to get to the rest of the story. This story starts with a scientist named Sally, who finds herself transported back in time right to the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment in the middle of conducting her own modern day experiment. According to the website, ars PARADOXICA is “above all, it's about science, the deeply human desire to fix our mistakes, and America.” Give it a listen: great cast of characters, talented cast, and excellent production values.
Flash Forward
Swipe Right for Democracy
28 minutes
An imagining of American life with a system of direct democracy, with bills being voted upon through our personal devices. Would it be information overload or the fairest system we could create?
Imaginary Worlds
Economics of Thrones and Starships
18 minutes
Ahh so exciting! Fantasy worlds and economics! But really, what if we thought of economics as its own kind of science fiction? Economies aren’t inevitable frameworks, written in the stars for us humans to pluck down and use. They’re created. We create other worlds too, other fictions, and those fictions usually come with really interesting questions about how those societies envision currency (and some books are written entirely to explain an economic theory).
Double Life
32 minutes
Megan Tan continues to provide us with all of the incredibly confusing and difficult decisions to be made in our early 20s. And then she provides us with something else: bravery.
The Longest Shortest Time
Terry Gross on Not Having Kids
37 minutes
A woman who chose not to have children and a woman who chose to have children ask each other why, and if it was worth it.
Home of the Brave
My Trip to Palestine
16 minutes
I love this piece of radio so much, and I think because it gives us something we never get to see: the killing of an idea. Scott Carrier takes us on the beginning of a journey to Palestine, with a plan to talk to both Israelis and Palestinians, to learn more about their conflict, to understand the stories. He didn’t make it past the gate. Here’s what happened.
The Long Road
51 minutes
A story about trauma, survival, and coping without the bottle but with the guitar.
American Archive of Public Broadcasting
David Brower: “What Will It Cost the Earth?”, Part 1 (33 minutes) and Part 2 (20 minutes)
Earth Day (April 22nd) was founded by Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator and then governor. His papers live at the Wisconsin Historical Society, by the way, if you’re interested. :) In honor of this day, give a listen to this speech given by famous environmental activist David Brower just a few days before the first 1970 Earth Day. He asks us to question each one of our actions with, “What will it cost the Earth?”
And just a few more…

Calen’s Corner

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Waking Up
Sam Harris
Shouldering the Burden of History with Dan Carlin
2 hrs 7 minutes
This conversation was released in June 2015, but I just got to it. The conversation was amazingly interesting and I listened to it straight through, which is something I never do with a podcast longer than my commute. Extremism, American Isolationism, and the nature of criticism of people’s ideas on the internet were some of the things that they discussed. It was my three favorite topics rolled into one: religion, history and politics. Every point was really insightful and I have to respect both men for their intelligent civil conversation.

Oral History and Sound Archives

Industry buzz with an edge from @MattCWill

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Because Prince.
Sign o’ the Times
The Most Beautiful Girl(s & Boys) in the World
Just as Long as We're Together
I Hear Your Voice
Thieves in the Temple
Let’s Work
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The upcoming week I get to enjoy: jury duty, and a conference
Written while  watching: Room. Holy shit, what a movie.
Also written while eating: Taco Bell. Tbell gets me.
Ways I geniusly used peanuts this week: crushed peanuts on top of homemade Thai spring rolls (harder to make than expected! I have renewed respect for the food cart last who makes $3 big fresh spring rolls all day) AND I melted some chocolate to mix with peanuts. Ughsogood
Photo of the week:
Us at a farewell party for the lovely lady on the right, who’s moving on to a GREAT JOB that she’s going to LOVE.
We’ll miss you, Brooke.