March 31, 2017

One and a Half Days Until The Great Pumpkin Carnival

With only one and a half days to go until The Great Pumpkin Carnival this email contains all the important info to help you out on the day.

Daylight Savings

Remember daylight savings is happening on Sunday morning at 3am with the clocks GOING BACK 1 HOUR.
Registration is open from 10:00am.  This is also a great time of the year to check your smoke alarm batteries too.


The Great Pumpkin Carnival will be happening rain or shine, hopefully we get good weather for the whole day.


Registration is free for all entries and is to be done at the registration desk located next to the big tree at the end of the Rhododendron lawn.  Please go to the registration desk in the first instance and talk to the helpful team to get registered and get your entry/s number.  This helps us a lot.

Registration for all categories except for cooking is from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the registration desk.

Cooking registration is from 11am – 12pm at the registration desk.


Parking can sometimes be at a premium with lots of events happening at Hamilton Gardens on Sunday.
Gate 2 offers a variety of places to park, and is just a short walk to get to the Rhododendron lawn.  Arriving early is always a good option.

Weighing In

Weighing in will occur in the same location as previous years.  Registering your entry and getting your pumpkins number beforehand will help keep things moving smoothly at the weigh-off area.

For giants getting dropped off via vehicle keep an eye out for our volunteers who will direct you where to go, this year we will get you to drive around a loop.  We envisage this speeding up the weigh-in process for everyone, reducing bottlenecks with reversing etc.

We have more pumpkin lifting tarps this year, to help move pumpkins around.  If you're feeling strong and want to help move some pumpkins that would be appreciated.

For giants that are on trailers or trucks that want to be put back on after being weighed, we will do these pumpkins near the end of the weigh in.  Just make sure to be registered beforehand and let us know and we will organise where we want you.

We’ll be keeping all spectators out of the weigh-in area until judging has finished.  Then we will drop all our barriers so people can check out the pumpkins and get photos.


Downhill Pumpkin Rolling

Downhill pumpkin rolling is back again for 2017, this is held on The Governor's Lawn near the top of the gate 2 entrance.

Just like previous year's, we will be rolling just one pumpkin at a time, and the downhill pumpkin rolling officials will only be allowing large giants that will break roll.  Please don’t be offended if we don’t let you roll something too small.

A good downhill rolling pumpkin is one that ends up in many pieces.

Other Categories

Remember we have a whole bunch of categories with a whole lot you can enter even if you haven't grown a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Creations
Pumpkin Racers

Best Carved Pumpkin

To see all the categories and classes check out our categories page on the website.

Other events on the day

As well as all the fun, excitement and activities of The Great Pumpkin Carnival, there are some other great events on the at Hamilton Gardens that you can check out:

Nature’s Way
Showcasing an amazing range of interesting and curious creatures, “Nature's Backyard” is an opportunity for people to get up close and learn about the many species that live in New Zealand’s backyard. Bring the family along and check out the tropical butterflies, insects, rabbits, colourful finches, Rosie the cow, reptiles, water dragons, Blue Tongue lizard, turtles, Puffer fish, Nemo the clownfish and so much more! 
The Friends of Hamilton Gardens Harvest Festival
The Friends of Hamilton Gardens Harvest Festival

The Friends of Hamilton Gardens are holding their annual Harvest Festival on Sunday, 2 April.

Head along to the Gardens - and enjoy the Great Pumpkin Carnival on the same day - and visit them outside the Gardens Pavilion. They will be selling fresh produce sourced from local suppliers and gardens, preserves, second-hand garden books and magazines.

For more info and all the events that are coming up at Hamilton Gardens make sure to check out their events page.

Questions and Info

If you still have any questions about the carnival feel free to reply to this email, or message us via Facebook and our page.


The Great Pumpkin Carnival has many great opportunities for unique and amazing photos, if you take any photos we’d love for you to tag us with the hashtag #TGPC

Make sure to share your photos on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram

Let Everyone Know

Let your friends, family, neighbours and anyone else you know about The Great Pumpkin Carnival.  This Sunday, 10:00am - 2:30pm

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