March 01, 2017

The Countdown is on for The Great Pumpkin Carnival

Hello there

It’s not long to go now until The Great Pumpkin Carnival is upon us, 2nd of April 2017 at Hamilton Gardens on the Rhododendron lawn.  With just over 31 days to go things are getting exciting.

How has your growing season been going? 

With the cold nights and humid days, it has been a trying time for the giant pumpkin growers out there, and word on the pumpkin vine is that the current record of 789.5kg’s might not be beaten this year.

But… you never know how things are going to pan out until we get the giants onto the scales.

No matter how your plants have grown we have a wide range of categories for everyone to enter, even if you haven’t grown anything. 

Here is a rundown on what you can enter:

Pumpkin creations – Get your thinking caps on and come up with an amazing creation using pumpkins, over the years we’ve had so many amazing entries.  We are amazed every year with what people make, here are a few memorable entries.

Most Perfect Pumpkin – Do you have one of the best-looking pumpkins around?  Bring it along and see how it fares against the competition.

Yates Pumpkin Racers – The racers are back after their debut last year, we are looking forward to more entries and crazy designs.  These do need to be registered on the day at the registration desk.

Best Mature Miniature Pumpkin – The smallest pumpkins we’ll have on display, who has taken the best care over the season to produce the best miniature?  Remember these have to be mature miniatures.

Lightest Mature Miniature Pumpkin NEW FOR 2017 – to help split up the miniatures a little we have added a new category, who will have the lightest mature pumpkin?

Best Carved Pumpkin – How great are your pumpkin carving skills?  Remember not to carve too early before the carnival or your pumpkin might turn a bit gross

Oddest Pumpkin – Do you have a strange pumpkin?  One that doesn’t look too normal, this is the category for you.

Are you a whiz in the kitchen?

The baking categories are:

Best Pumpkin Cake
Best Pumpkin Scone/Muffin
Best Pumpkin Pie

And of course, we have the Heaviest pumpkin over 200kg’s and the Heaviest under 200kg’s.

For the full list of categories and classes that go with them make sure to check them all out on our website right here.

Spread the word
If you want your own pumpkin flyer to print out click here to get the PDF version of it.

Keep an eye out for another email next week, but in the meantime make sure to tell all your friends and family, and start planning your winning entry and make sure to connect with us on Facebook to keep up to date with all The Great Pumpkin Carnival News.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this email, contact us through the website or on the Facebook page.