October 23, 2016

The end of October is here, it's time to get growing.

Hello, fans, friends and family of The Great Pumpkin Carnival.

It’s the end of October and that only means one thing, forget about Halloween, Christmas creeping up or anything else, it is time to start growing giant pumpkins (or miniatures)

Now is the time to get your giant pumpkin seeds started or time to get your seedlings organised for planting.
Just like previous years we will have seedlings for sale starting in November, these can be found at:
  • Hamilton Gardens information Centre
  • Remains to be Scene - 441 Anglesea St

Events you can get your pumpkin seedling

The Hamilton Gardens Scarecrow Festival - Oct 30th

The Daltons Spring Rose Show - Nov 12th - 13th

Also, you can touch base with Jenny on 07 854 5436

The Great Pumpkin Carnival Society Update

We have a great committee this year working behind the scenes to make The Great Pumpkin Carnival event the best it can be.

We are currently finalising the competition categories and classes and will publish these on the website and our Facebook page once we have worked them all out.

Remember you don’t need to have grown a pumpkin to enter one of the categories

We have a wide range of categories for the whole family to enter, ranging from the giants to creations, miniatures and baking, there is something for everyone.

Here are a couple of photos to give you inspiration from last year’s event.

Are you following us on Facebook?

As well as all the latest news and info about the carnival, this year we will be posting Tim’s Tips for growing your pumpkins.  Click here to check out our Facebook Page.

Tim Harris is our 2016 winner with his record-setting 789.5kg pumpkin making it the heaviest in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Will Tim be able to beat this weight in 2017?  Or will someone else be able to grow bigger, make sure you are there on the day for all the excitement

World Record Weight

The world record for heaviest giant pumpkin EVER was recently broken earlier in October with a massive pumpkin being weighed in Germany, grown by Belgium grower Mathias Willemijns and came in at a whopping 1190.5kgs

It won’t be long until we are weighing pumpkins over the 1000kg mark, and hopefully, a new world record may one day be grown right here in NZ.

Spread the Pumpkin Word

If you are a fan of The Great Pumpkin Carnival we’d appreciate it if you told all your friends and family about this awesome event.  Get them to check out the website, Facebook page or forward them a copy of this newsletter.


Thanks for being part of what makes The Great Pumpkin Carnival such a great event, the awesome people that turn up on the day.

Until next time

The Team from The Great Pumpkin Carnival