March 15, 2017

The Yates Pumpkin Racers - All the info you need

Yates Pumpkin Racers

Pumpkin racers are back this year after the debut of the track last year.  Yates the well-known gardening product company love the pumpkin racers and are helping us out with prizes and a new coat of paint for the track.

What makes the best pumpkin racer?

Is it a small pumpkin with big wheels?  A large pumpkin with small wheels?  Do the bigger pumpkins go faster?

These are a lot of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself or have a practice run before the carnival to see what works best.

Getting the axles completely parallel is the key to making the racer run straight down the track, any wobble and it could hit the sides of the track and slow down or stop completely.

Construction is one thing; the other is making it look AWESOME

Will your pumpkin racer be an animal?  A fancy race car or something else totally?  Maybe it might just be a pumpkin with wheels stuck to it.

No matter what you decide your pumpkin racer has to follow some simple rules:

#1.  Your pumpkin racer must be made with only one pumpkin (store bought is fine)

#2.  Two independent axles must be placed through the pumpkin

#3.  You may not attach your pumpkin onto a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, etc.

#4.  No pushing or “helping” your pumpkin down the track, let gravity do its thing

Your pumpkin racer can't be any wider than 35cm (350mm) including the wheels, so it can fit on the track.

More info can be found on our pumpkin racer page on the website.

Registration on the day

All pumpkin racers will need to be registered on the day, talk to the friendly registration desk from 10am
There are 2 categories you can put your pumpkin racer in:
  • Open Class
  • Schools
We will be running heats within each category until we are left with the fastest 3 pumpkin racers in NZ.

Who will take out the title?

Make sure you don’t miss all the pumpkin action.  Rhododendron lawn, Hamilton Gardens, Sunday the 2nd April 2017

Share the carnival with your friends and family

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