October 04, 2016

NewsFlash- NYC $5 Million Fund for Women in Film and Theater - Attend Our Networking Session for Film on October 4th

Join us Tuesday, October 4th, 7pm  at Stratosphere as  we focus on funding and financing and business models for the Film sector!  Our networking sessions are designed to help creatives share and learn, discuss, network and connect to create businesses that  can leverage such opportunities!


The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment recently announced a new five-part initiative to promote equality behind and in front of the camera, in film and television, as well as onstage. 

The Stratosphere is at 227 Utica Ave Between St. john's and Sterling  

1-The MOME Women's Fund for Film and Theatre will provide $5 million over 5 years to support film and theater projects by, for, or about women over five years through cash grants.

2- “Speed Funding” for Women Filmmakers- MOME will be hosting a film finance lab -- a “speed funding” event for 50 filmmakers –for projects directed by, for or about women. Participating filmmakers and their producers will be given an unprecedented opportunity to meet venture capital firms, angel investors and other funders. The MOME Finance Lab, which will be featured within the First Time Fest movie festival, will provide much-needed access to capital.

  • The eligibility requirements include: at least one team member claiming NYC residency; one finalized script of 60 minutes or more by, for or about women; registration with the Writers Guild of America, East; and a director

3-The MOME Script-Writing Competition - MOME will hold a script-writing competition and production project, which will invite New York City writers to submit 30-minute pilot scripts for an episodic series spotlighting stories by, for, or about women rooted in NYC’s five boroughs. Two winners will be chosen. air on NYC Media’s Channel 25 (NYCLife)with an the 18 million household-reach. One script will be chosen to be produced as an episodic series on channel 25. Advanced students from the Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema will produce the winning scripts under the mentorship of Founding Director Jonathan Wacks and other industry professionals.

4-Launch of a Night of New Women-Focused Programming on NYC Media
MOME has produced and will air two inspiring new documentary programs focused on women that will air on Channel 25 as part of a weekly evening of programs focused exclusively on women.

  • The Vanguard: Women in Media - This show will feature both pioneers and emerging stars covering several mediums, including broadcast television, radio, print, new media.

  • Her Big Idea – This is an 8-episode, half hour show featuring NYC-based women entrepreneurs who transformed a concept into a thriving company.

5 - MOME has commissioned an unprecedented and much-needed report analyzing the relationship between women and men directors based on an extensive database of information on the career trajectories of directors in the film industry.

Other MOME initiatives

  • Made in NY Writers Room,

  • #NominateNYC,






For those creatives whose offerings are harder to "exhibit", we invite you to our open creative meetings & Industry Networking  Sessions for Utica Village Creatives. Let us get together  at these sessions to  discuss the future of creatives in our neighborhood. Stop by this week if you  are interested in shaping these:-

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