August 07, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Notice

August 06, 2017
A few more of these little "Notice" pictures here.

Today's #oneword ... started with matching the #futurehouse drawings to the final changes list and to-figure-out-list and ended with butterflies and flowers at Olbrich Gardens.

Details are important. For making sure that your windows aren't so tall that they don't fit in your house (almost happened), and for noticing the world in singular, not aggregate.

Much of this line of thought for today started by honing in on each tiny, singular white flower on the umbels of the queen anne's lace and the tiny yellow flowers making up the goldenrod. These are two flowers I tend to think of as a whole, white cups and bushy yellow fronds...instead of as a composite of all the tiny flowers and pollens and stems and fuzz. It's nice to switch the frame and focus on the little, individual details.

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What is..
  • Butterflies, flowers, beer, and Sardine in pre-celebration of Mom's birthday.
  • A crazy-bonkers (not exaggerating) week ahead with a day-long training on the other side of the state followed by a two-day training in Chicago (in which I am a participant, not a trainer - phew.) Not sure how the juggle of house-building and dog tending and work-doing will pan out - but I know it will somehow.
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Let everything happen.
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From the archives, so they don't get lonely...

April 10, 2017
When book titles parade around as quotes. 
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