August 01, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Dig In

July 31, 2017

Two things....

1. If you want to see more pictures of digging than you have ever seen in your whole life, try here. There's also a whole bunch in my Instagram story, but those may be gone when you read this. 

2. After I wrote to you last night, I noticed the big dipper, which pointed me to the fact that four years ago today exactly was the day we closed on the farm and it officially became real property for me. Seems fitting for groundbreaking to commences on the same day four years later. 

3. I have fallen asleep like fourteen times already tonight. I am exhausted, mostly because I got up early and because I slept horribly last night because there are tiny mammals (I suspect rodents) living in the shed and it turns out the the sound of tiny mammals digging through limestone gravel is extremely loud and creepy at 3:55 in the morning. 

4. I at McDonalds for dinner.

5. Can you please cross your fingers? It seems as if we may have someone who is interested in buying the condo (aka, the nest) and it would be really nice and easy if it worked out. So your finger crossing is appreciated. 

6. Instead of quotes this week, you get works that are relevant for both basement digging and foundation well as living a big-hearted life in general.

7. Yes, that is way more than two things.

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