August 02, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Divine

August 1, 2017

No, not the adjective. Nor the noun. The verb. I thought today may be pour or secure or even wait. But, instead today is divine because it seems that giant machine with the big scoop on the front, or possibly Mr. Ray operating it, is a dowser. Or maybe a giant excavator is more of a divining rod, rather than a dirt mover.

I say this because we got water. My giant rectangle, with clay-soil walls, now has between two to four inches of water in the bottom. And because the soil is really just clay once you get down past a few feel, this water has no where to go. And, this water is not from rain, we've just come awfully close to the water table. Or maybe we've skimmed the top four inches of the water table. I'm not a geologist or a hydrologist, so I don't really know. I do know that we've had more rain than forever this year. (We had more rain than forever last year. And we've had twice as much again this year.) But I also suspect that increases in summer rain will likely continue, ahem. The water didn't spurt out like an oil gusher in an old movie. Not like a bust-open fire hydrant. Instead, yesterday as the crew was leaving there were tiny pool of water (tiny), and most of the floor had a layer of water. By this evening about a few inches. It's coming up from below, and slowly. 

Rick called tonight and admitted he didn't really know what to do. He'll wait for the concrete guy who is the expert and will know what to do. And he called the excavator. 

Can I tell you how much I appreciate the fact that he said to me Vanessa, honestly, I don't know what to do.

Maybe some people want their contractor to know everything. To be super confident and have an answer on hand and not be challenges. That's not me. I am grateful to know that he is looking for good, solid answers. That he isn't going to bury his head and move forward with some hurried band aid because he feels like he should know or that we need to stay on schedule or that things have to keep moving. He's okay saying Hey, wait, let's pause until we figure this out.

I think we can all use the reminder to pause until we really figure something out. Especially if it happens to be the foundation on which we build our livelihoods. Or even the footings on while are growing our work, our art, our family, our grand plans.

What are you grateful to not know? How can you divine the answers? 
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What is..
Hello Curfew! I made it.
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April 5, 2017
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