August 05, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Sure Footing

August 04, 2017

I love feet. But, photographing my own (much like looking at or reading the same word over and over) made them look very weird and alien in a short period of time. (There are a lot of really ugly feet pictures not included here.)

We all know the importance of a good foundation, but what does that solid foundation sit upon? As the house project becomes real, I am recognizing two things. 1. How layered all of my decisions are, and how they rest atop each other, one and then another, to build something strong and confident. 2. Even though I've been making *decisions* for the last two years, they are all becoming very real AND there are still many decisions to make, and some of them are very much made on the fly. I'm beginning to trust my own sure footings, and that I'm headed in the right direction one solid and confident step at a time.

What can you do today to take each step on solid ground?

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House projects today...
  • There is concrete in the hole! Hooray!!! Also, it felt like a very fall morning this morning, damp and misting and we were all bundled up. 
  • While Dad was at the CrossFit games up in Madison, Mom and I snuck away to our favorite antique, salvage and vintage shops in Rockford, IL. Charlie came with us too because someone was coming to tour the condo so we couldn't leave her there. Road Trip! The main mission was to pick up an antique door I already purchased at Houtkamp Art Glass Studio (which is more than glass, he has an amazing collection of old doors, moulding, handles, hinges, and miscellany) and to stop by Salvage Too which has a wonderful mission and excellent supplies. Salvage Too didn't have anything for us, but it's always fun to go and the people who work there ARE SO NICE! But we scored at Houtkamp as Mom found a gorgeous antique 3/4 lite black door with beveled glass and THE COOLEST mail slot that says "Letter" on a brass plate. And I found a HUGE rural mailbox that I LOVE and a wall mount porcelain sink in mint condition. Which is the funniest joke I have EVER made...because the sink it classic vintage mint green and it's in perfect condition with the original faucet fixture. More to come...but let me just say that I think that we are getting to the exciting part of house building (if you couldn't tell from the tone of my voice.)
  • The truck with the forms for pouring the actual foundation is sitting in the farm driveway. I'm not sure why it's there exactly...but I'm crossing my fingers that it's some sort of good sign. Like that the foundation is going to be poured on Monday morning (or Saturday - as if that were a thing).

What is..
  • Family time is fun.
  • Mom was able to get the bur oak sapling out of the tree trunk mess...but we ended up cutting off a lot of its roots in the process. It's sitting in a pile of soil, wrapped in a blanket, and hopefully we can transplant it tomorrow. 
  • Charlie is exhausted, and so am I.
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One Sure Step At A Time
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April 8, 2017
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