August 10, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Wait

August 09, 2017

There are actually ten playful versions of today's word, HERE. And the wait above is actually a video. And there's more words that will make this all make sense. 

I'm using my work trip hotel time for involuntary napping, Law & Order, and going to bed way before curfew. But I also made time for play. I emptied my bag, and threw out (or recycled) absolutely everything that I didn't need. And then I made myself (allowed myself to?) find at least ten different ways to write 'wait' using only supplies in my bag and in this hotel room. Are any of the results magic? No. (Well, I actually love the video of the "wait" post-it note on the lampshade lit up from behind.) But the process is. Anytime art helps up move our bodies big (writing on the shower glass with the bar of soap), explore tiny doubles (fine point sharpie on the make-your-face-really-big side of the mirror will make you go cross-eyed), and use materials in different ways - that's when we start wandering into new territory. And that wandering and new territory are usually really good things. (If you need a really good example of this - and a hilarious one at that - read Brenna's most recent post about how she inadvertently wrote an antiquarian manuscript, and then became a book binder, as part of her writing project. It's called Making a Manuscript: The Book of Vessels and it's really, really exciting.)

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House projects today...
  • N.O.P.E.

What is..
  • Here's what L does when she makes time stop: Get a new cell phone (an hour of literally nothing but small talk with a stranger while the new phone was being installed was absolutely meditative), make dilly beans with new friends, impromptu (unplanned!!) drinks with friends, drag giant onions out of the field. Totally with you about just needing to make time stop sometimes. Even when everything is the overscheduled crazy, hitting pause for an hour or two won't affect the end game I'm learning.
  • Read Helen's really good advice about managing time and how to manage between agreements and expectations. If you haven't signed up for Helen's new newsletter (The Insiders - more here.)
  • Totally fallen off the water-drinking wagon. Would like to drink more water.
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Don't wait to get rest. 
Sleepy Hugs,
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April 13, 2017
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