July 24, 2017

A Fierce Practice, Your Past Self

July 23, 2017

Any meaningful writing for the day can be read HERE. (Which also explains today's quote-not-quote.)

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House projects today...
  • Open house is a sparsly populated success!

What is..
  • From S, about her truth:
    We're in SD, the Plains just north of the Badlands, for my husband's cousins reunion. I appreciate your words about the movement of water and interactions with the land. The earth herself is so visible here under her cloak of grass. I am very aware of her boundary with the air.  In our Virginia mountains, she adorns herself with trees and rocks, and the sky dance is high above us, instead of being immersed in it.
    My questions that I ask myself every day is "how am I living in the holy now, how am I moving the slow arc of the universe towards peace? And what does that mean? And how can my creative acts give voice to the beauty all around me?"
    Judyth Hill's beautiful poem,  "Wage Peace," is a mantra for me.  A calling. How to live all of my life, good and bad, mundane and miraculous, just plain old me, to bring witness to the Love that is the stuff that forms everything?
  • Go see The Big Sick.
  • Tomorrow, should I remember, musings on why we need to teach young girls to quit (and not glorify 'tough' so much).
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March 28, 2017
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