April 29, 2016

WIGAM Newsletter #7: Thelma & Louise Pt. 2.



Crabb: People Who Can Sing: It's time we had a talk. I love the fact that you find joy in shower warbling, family sing-alongs round the battered old piano and work farewells set in karaoke bars. I respect that. But please also respect us, the People Who Can't Sing. Please understand our deep horror of all singing and the fact that when you turn the car radio on and propose that we belt out a few tunes while we drive to work, it's pretty much like saying to a person with allergies: Let's go to an alpaca farm in spring! Don't make me go to musicals or pick you up from barbershop quartet training. And no, I do not think writing a political comic opera together would be an awesome idea. I'm not directing these remarks to anyone in particular.
Sales: Sometimes Crabb breaks my heart a little bit.
*Cue Seinfeld theme music*

What’s the deal with the current spate of car shows? Annabel picked up a rather familiar looking hitchhiker to find out in the final ep of WIGAM. First stop on the road trip was Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. We disagreed over the merits of the Obama episode (his interview with Marc Maron is a meatier morsel). Leigh endorses the animated breakout in Louis C.K. episode, and Annabel loved this poignant chat with Garry Shandling- creator of the Best Sitcom Ever© The Larry Sanders Show.
With Crabb expertly evading a singalong, Sales detoured into the world of Carpool Karaoke. Watch out Corden, she’s coming for your job. If you are not one of the 90+ million people who watched Adele’s episode, it’s a delight. Stevie Wonder and Sia are worth a squiz too. Chris Martin’s episode is more divisive, depending where you sit on the Coldplay continuum. Superfans might like this interview with the show’s EP about the ins and outs of avoiding major accidents while belting out ballads. And James Corden’s sitcom Gavin & Stacey remains a timeless classic.
Next stop on our journey: the return of The Americans, aka Season 4 of Sales Nagging Crabb to watch The Americans. If you want to join Sales down the rabbithole- this Slate TV Club Insider podcast is a fangirl’s dream.
We also talked about the work of Jon Ronson. His recent conversation with Monica Lewinsky makes a fascinating companion piece to Monica Lewinsky’s eloquent TED talk about shame culture. Jon Ronson’s book about online shaming is a thought-provoking read- here’s a chunky excerpt to get a taste. Them and The Psychopath Test as well as Ronson's various This American Life stories are all worth imbibing when you get a minute. Or two.
On that note, thank you so much for joining us for WIGAM. It has been quite a ride. We hope to join you again down the road for some more episodes. We can’t promise anything, but we imagine they’ll involve some unholy combination of David Attenborough’s Life of Birds, Coldplay singing about cheese graters and a kohlrabi flavoured bundt. Annabel will continue to have not watched The Americans.
See you on the other side,
xx Crabb and Sales

P.S. Some extra reading to populate your tabs over the weekend…

  • The Woman Card: “Unlike Man Cards, Woman Cards do not increase in value as they age. In fact, they depreciate. Do not collect Woman Cards. Even in mint condition, they are worthless.”The Washington Post
  • Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade has to be the biggest cultural milestone of the week, probably the year. Here’s a handy fact sheet on what exactly everyone’s been gushing about. There’s no scarcity of writing on the album, but NPR + Slate + The New Yorker did it particularly well. Love the story of Warsan Shire, the Somali-British poet laureate behind Lemonade and a former resident of Queensland at that! – NY TimesBut the last word, as it often does, goes to The Onion: “Beyoncé Quickly Releases New Song About How Buying Tidal Subscription Most Empowering Thing A Woman Can Do”.
  • "What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? The idea of universal basic income - Five Thirty Eight
  • Re-examining Monica, Marcia, Tonya and Anita, the ‘scandalous’ women of the ’90s: “Assuming that the media attention a woman inspires is somehow, also, attention that she controls."- Fusion
  • Takedown of Mother’s Day (the movie, not the day itself). “Kate Hudson, whose 1st line includes the strangely resonant philosophical query "Pilates?” - The Guardian  
  • So juice crawls are a thing. - The Guardian 
  • A history of the misuse of the word ‘Anzac’ – Radio National
  • Rose Byrne is awesome. – NY Mag
  • Melania Trump profile  “Melania Trump is as tailored to The Donald as if a divine plastic surgeon had sculpted her out of his rib.” - GQ
  • Much needed Enya Update - “She’s not exactly a barrel of laughs. You wouldn’t go for a few pints with her” - Page Six
  • Vividly written an wonderfully detailed piece by the creator of New Girl Elizabeth Meriwether on what it was like to shoot an episode with Prince in late 2013 – Vulture
  • The story of Australian photographer Justine Walpole, who was Prince's personal photographer. – The Australian 
  • Fascinating article on politeness. Who wants to play “Raconteur”? - Medium + Need to watch Catastrophe: Sharon Horgan’s comedy offers an unblinking look at coupledom  + The sacrifices of an immigrant caregiver - New Yorker

[That last cluster of links are all via Jessica Stanley, and Australian living in London with a great eye for the “thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.” Subscribe to the best newsletter on the block and catch up on years of goodies here:]

  • Andrew O’Hagan on What Words Can Do – Books Plus
  • Bruce Springsteen covering Prince  - NPR


  • The wonderful Nakkiah Lui about the power of indigenous comedy - 7.30
  • Some fresh local comedy pilots via ABC’s Comedy Showroom. Excited to work through these - iView
  • The latest Huw Parkinson, which is unsurprisingly, gold. And also a little panic-dream inducing. Insiders

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