April 01, 2017

HEWN, No. 207

I have a shorter list of links to share with you today, in part because I’m traveling and it’s always challenging to keep track of what’s going on (on and offline) while on the road. (It’s a bit of a blessing, I will say, to be out of the constant stream of Trump-related news; but then again, I’m in the UK and this has been a rather grim week politically here as well.)

It’s also a shorter set of readings too because I think it’s generally wise to avoid the Internet altogether on April Fool’s Day. It was already a fairly annoying holiday, but the Internet has certainly made it worse. With all the complaints about “fake news” and misinformation in recent months, all the prank stories are even less amusing.

It could be worse, I suppose: “Alone in the Wild for a Year, TV Contestants Learn Their Show Was Canceled.” Surprise!!

I gave a talk this week at the University of Edinburgh on Uber and the history of the future of the “driverless university.” (Oh and hey! I’m a Spencer Fellow!) Benjamin Doxtdator wrote “Maybe we’re not afraid: on Edtech’s inability to imagine the future.” Ben Williamson on “Imaginaries and materialities of education data science.”

More imaginaries from Tim Maughan – a short story called “Divided We Stand.”

Yours in struggle,