Eureka Springs Master Plan for Trails - Follow Our Progress!

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep all supporters of hiking and biking trails in Eureka Springs better informed about the progress in implementing the Master Plan for Trails that was formally adopted by the city in July 2014. The intent of this newsletter is the belief that better information will lead to increased enthusiasm for, and greater participation in, this ongoing process ... we want your input and need your help! Mailings will be sporadic, but informative ... short, but sweet. Hopefully, this outreach will engender more and more excitement over time for what the Eureka Springs Parks & Recreation Commission and the Eureka Springs Trails Committee consider will be a monumental addition to the quality of life for our residents and the "Eureka Experience" for our visitors. Please know that your email address will never be shared or compromised in any way. Thanks for joining our newsletter, and we'll see you on the trails!


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