The Occasional Bitslice

Reintegrating a divided life.

Topics frequently covered:
  • Creativity on shoestrings of money and time!
  • Interesting visual things!
  • Events in which art and technology bleed together, particularly those that happen where I am (Los Angeles mostly)!
  • Fun with literature!
  • Thinking about the Doing of Making, Making of the Doing of Thinking, and any other order you can put those words in.
I'm a tech industry professional and also an artist. Those two things haven't blended. This newsletter contains pieces of both. It also auditions thoughts. Sometimes it points to events.

Feel free to reply or argue.

2010 saw Volume One which had 6 issues, published weekly on Wednesdays.

Volume Two began on May 16th, 2012 and that was like the only one that happened for two years!

Volume Three began in the witching hour of May 17th, 2014. Let's see if it does any better!


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