The Inbox Variations

Do you miss the days of getting a thing in your inbox that you could ignore or delete or read at your leisure, and not feel compelled to click a like or a heart or a cat emoji in response? Me too. My relationship status with social media in 2017 is changing to "separated." There may still be some cordial visiting as we iron out the details, but we've lost that loving feeling. I do want to stay in touch, though, and some of you may want to get book and movie news and pictures of me with Kevin Bacon or my lists or recommendations or complaints without having to remember to go to my web site and without me having to remember to post those things there. It's news, and it's a letter. It's a newsletter! It will be very easy to unsubscribe if you don't like it, and my settings are such that I'll never even know you left me. It's a perfect relationship. Hope to see you in your inbox in 2017. - Sara //


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