October 02, 2015

This week in Girl Gang news: butter poutine, DNA memories & personal space

This week, the women are changing foster care, affirming gender identities, and being brave as fuck (as per usual).

Here is a small sampling of the amazing things that your Girl Gang made/built/talked about/created over the last 7 days:

1. The body remembers: For Anishinaabe academic Amy Bombay, work is deeply personal. The assistant professor, who is an intergenerational survivor of residential school, is studying the way trauma lives on in our DNA. Click here to listen to a recent radio interview with Amy.

2. Roots and wings -- supporting youth aging out of foster care: Okay, I'm breaking my own "in the last 7 days" rule a bit here. But Rosimay Venancio was in the news this week, so I'm letting it slide. What makes Rosimay so special? Earlier this summer she was given an award by the queen for her innovative program CHEERS, a mentorship program linking teens in foster care with young adults who have successfully made the transition to independent living. A former foster child herself, Rosimay is now working towards a degree in health policy. 
3. I am Erin, hear me roar: Eight years ago, she was raped while at college. This week, she broke her silence. We believe you. We love you. We support you.

4. A lil' something for the lady writers: Special thanks to Girl Gang member Cassie Paton for sharing her great site with us! She writes:
Witty Title Here is a community and resource for young feminist writers seeking support, inspiration, and a platform. There will be essays on writing and feminism, interviews with authors and ass-kickers, and more. 
5. Expand your field of vision ... with Field of Vision! Lol. It's a little funny, okay? Anyway....FOV is a new visual-journalism initiative from Laura Poitras (director of Citizenfour) that hopes to push boundaries in non-fiction filmmaking. Looks promising!

6. #GiveAGaff or #BuyABinder: This week, a famously welcoming and community-oriented sex shop in Ottawa, Canada made headlines when it got fined for selling a chest binder to a teen. No other store in the area sells them.
Technically, because it is licensed as an "adult store", you have to be 18+ to make a purchase. But owner Shelley Taylor asks "Do you need to have fake ID to buy something that affirms your gender? That’s good for your emotional and mental health?" Now the store has created a community fund to buy binders and gaffs for those who can't afford them.
7. After pregnancy loss, empathy: When psychologist Jessica Zucker had a miscarriage, she found that people just didn't know what to say. Yesterday, she launched a beautiful series of cards that can help bridge that communication gap. 
8. Where are the older ladies on screen? Ann Friedman calls bullshit on representations of women in their later years this week in The Cut. 
9. On butter poutine: This week, one of Canada's finest exports, online publication The Ethnic Aisle, launched it's latest edition exploring how race, racialization and racism look different throughout this big ass country. You can support their amazing work here.
10. Something giggle-worthy for the road: Ohmygawd stop reading over my shoulder.
Now, over to you...
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Until next time, and remember that there's always room for more girls in the gang.
Nicole xx