September 11, 2015

This week in Girl Gang news: union badassery, #SaveMirabel & Serena

This week, the women are learning how to code, changing the face of the labor movement, and road tripping.

Here is a small sampling of the amazing things that your Girl Gang made/built/talked about/created over the last 7 days:

1. Learn to code with 1000+ friends: If you are in Canada  or have internet access, you can join along with non-profit org Ladies Learning Code's National Learn to Code Day on September 26th. These day-long lessons, happening simultaneously across the country (and online), are designed for complete beginners -- so have no fear! Registration is open now.

2. The face of the labor you may not have seen: This week, author Kim Freeman Brown wrote an informative op-ed for NBC about the role, successes and significance of black women leaders in the labor movement. It's a fascinating read and a helpful primer on worker activism in the US.
3. 21 lessons on success: This list, compiled by Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet, gave me so many feelings. My fav? Number six.

4. Announcing the We Need Diverse Books Mentorship! Do you dream of a world in which books are less super white? Then the We Need Diverse Books Mentorship Program might be for you! Mentor Malinda Lo gives you a run-down here.
5. Comics for grown ups: Brazilian illustrator and designer Carol Rossetti is back! Her new project, Colors, is a comic that will be posted Tuesdays and Fridays. It looks funny + beautiful + inventive! (Oh, and Amandla's comin' at ya with a comic, too.)

6. Follow the Fox Signals: A few months ago, Indigenous artist Sarain Fox had to make a decision that many women face in their 20s: follow your dreams, or follow your love? She chose dreams, and that decision is taking her across Canada this year. Follow along and walk #amileinhermoccasins.
7. Ways we fat-shame without being aware: All-around amazing lady Jodie Layne kindly educates the masses about the subtle ways in which fat-shaming can creep in to our conversations. 
8. Save the Mirabel rape crisis centre: The largest of only a handful of rape crisis centres in Lagos, Nigeria (a city of 21 million) is in danger of closing. This campaign is trying to #SaveMirabel.
9. Reporting from the front lines of the refugee crisis: Reporting direct from Macedonia, BuzzFeed News reporter Rossalyn Warren sheds light on the experiences of women and children refugees
10. Save $250 on the Pipeline Fellows program! Getting started with investing can be daunting. That's why Natalia Oberti-Noguera created the Pipeline Fellowship, an angel investing bootcamp for women. The deadline to apply for their upcoming session is September 14th. Be sure to use this deal!
Let me say this: 1) Becoming an accredited investor is financially prohibitive for most. But even if you don't have that kind of cash just yet, programs like this are still great to have on your radar for later in your career! 2) Also, here's a more accessible intro to investing to get you started.
11. Something giggle-worthy for the road: This more heartwarming than funny, but still. She was like Serena Williams, guys.
Now, over to you...
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Until next time, and remember that there's always room for more girls in the gang.
Nicole xx